At the heart of Tmunity is a relentless focus on creating proprietary products by integrating T cell discovery, development and production capabilities.


Tmunity has established a broad, exclusive research and development collaboration and license agreement with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in the field of T cell therapies in oncology.


Tmunity’s portfolio consists of key T cell therapy platforms designed to produce engineered T cells that activate or suppress immunity. These approaches include: T cell receptors, regulatory T cells, gene transfer, allogeneic T cells and bionic T cells, as well as certain CAR-T programs.


Five of Tmunity’s scientific founders are UPenn researchers who have granted certain exclusive rights to Tmunity to current and future discoveries and programs in the applicable field.


Through mutually committed sponsored research agreements, Tmunity accesses UPenn’s established infrastructure and talent in early discovery, as well as manufacturing and development. Tmunity has also acquired its own, dedicated cGMP manufacturing facility in Norristown, PA.

Tmunity’s integrated T cell discovery, development and production capabilities include:

  • Selection, enrichment and differentiation of human cells

  • Genetic modification of cells

  • Combination of cells with other agents and technologies

  • Production of consistent, cGMP cell products at commercial scale

  • Delivery of cell therapies back to patients in a controlled, regulated environment

  • Optimization and improvement of cell production processes to achieve a sustainable cost of goods

“We are leveraging established, clinical-scale processes for the production of T cell therapies, while continually innovating their capacity, quality and reliability. In a new field like T cell medicine, without parallel advances in manufacturing, success in the clinic will be difficult to translate into commercial viability and patient access.”

Bruce Levine, PhD