Scientific Approach


Tmunity’s development model for T cell therapies is highly cost-efficient and flexible because it leverages the best-in-class resources of its partners.


Tmunity was established on foundational R&D agreements and licenses with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and is advancing its existing pipeline candidates through sponsored research agreements with UPenn.


Tmunity is in active discussions with third parties to enhance its product pipeline and seeks strategic transactions to further support the growth of its next-generation CAR-T and TCR pipeline, including universal CARs. Tmunity is also seeking select revenue-generating collaborations in certain therapeutic areas and target programs.  


In addition, Tmunity is in active discussions with third parties to complement its core discovery and manufacturing capabilities, and seeks innovative models of technology collaboration.

"Key components of the next-generation of cell-based immunotherapies are being developed in university laboratories or biopharma research facilities around the world. But these components are only as good as the other essential technologies and methods with which they must be combined for success. As a new “center of gravity” for T cell therapies, Tmunity is actively partnering and collaborating with other organizations to bring all the necessary elements together and advance this field more rapidly."

Bruce Levine, PhD