Scientific Approach

About Us

Tmunity is a unique biotherapeutics company because of the unrivaled depth of its scientific founders’ and management team’s experience and demonstrated field-specific track record, its mastery of the application of gene-editing and cell engineering tools in human trial settings, the maturity of its clinic-ready development programs, the readiness to scale through its manufacturing processes and facility, and the breadth of its relevant clinical, regulatory, commercial and company-building expertise.

“It is one thing to understand the science behind T cell medicine or have a vision for its many potential benefits for patients. It is quite another to have successfully developed cell and gene therapies and delivered them to the clinic–again and again, over several decades. The founders of Tmunity have done this–and now this collective expertise is focused on the next-generation of T cell therapies. It’s really very exciting.”

Usman “Oz” Azam, MD