Relentlessly Engineering the Best T cell Medicines for Patients with Cancer

Why Tmunity?

Every day,

millions face the devastating reality of cancer

Oncology has made tremendous strides

But remains focused on slowing disease progression

Leaving patients in a costly cycle of treatment and retreatment

What if we could

cure cancers
with a single course of therapy?

At Tmunity, we’re harnessing the power of T cells to attack tumors

Highly engineered, customizable CAR* T Cells

designed to solve the complexity of

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma
  • Myeloma
  • prostate
  • Brain
  • Neuroblastoma
  • ovarian
  • lung
  • pancreatic
  • other cancers
*CAR = chimeric antigen receptor


Building on his lifetime of work, including the first successful CAR T therapy for hematologic cancers, Dr. June and his team at the University of Pennsylvania are focusing their dedication and expertise on the treatment of refractory hematologic and solid tumors.

Driven by our values

  • Shared purpose:

    We are inspired by the courage of patients and their loved ones fighting cancer.

  • Collaborative science:

    When brilliant minds work together, scientists accomplish more than they would in competition.

  • Iterative innovation:

    Breakthroughs happen when rapid cycles of innovation build momentum.

In Collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania

Tmunity’s unique collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania provides access to a constant flow of new ideas and technologies.

Highly efficient, iterative, parallel path CAR T development

Our proprietary modular engineering approach addresses the complexities of tumor biology and the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.


Strategic Collaborations

Vector and cell manufacturing with Penn and National Resilience for rapid clinical development.

Serial innovation feeds our pipeline

Iterative learnings from our clinical programs inform the creation of our next-generation products.

CAR T Cells for Cancers
should be widely available

Our established autologous T cell platform is working to develop therapies using patients' own cells. We are also applying the lessons from successful proofs of concept to current platforms, allowing us to develop a rapid manufacturing platform that will make therapies even more accessible to patients.

We’ve assembled the best minds and the best science in T cell medicine

And we’re united by our passion to change the world.

To renew hope. To deliver cures.

To end cancer.

Won’t you join us?